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First Prize: £2021
Plus publication in the MTP 2021 Anthology (print book and eBook).

Anthology title based on this winning entry.

Sandra Srivastava - An Alien Invasion at the Pub





Paperback & Kindle eBook editions of the Prizewinning and

Highly Commended Stories

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Warwick Sprawson - Sunshade



Sandra Srivastava - An Alien Invasion at the Pub

An alien spaceship landed in a pub car park. The door opened slowly, there was a hiss of steam and six aliens climbed down the steps. As the first alien (wearing the fanciest clothes and therefore the leader) reached the ground, he nearly jumped out of his skin as he spotted six yobs revving their motorbikes. The other aliens had to stop suddenly, and collided with each other.

“Take me to your leader,” said the chief alien.

“I’m the leader around here,” said the biggest yob, puffing himself up to look even bigger. A couple of heads whizzed round to glare at him, as if they weren’t so sure about that. Neither were the aliens. The yob stuck his nose in the air and continued, snootily, “I’m the biggest, my motorbike is the biggest, my boots are the biggest, and I have the longest hair. Therefore, I’m the leader. That’s obvious. And I say you can’t park there because our mates will be here in a minute and they’ll want somewhere to park.”

“Somewhere to park or some entertainment,” said a particularly greasy yob. “It’s not very big, is it?”

“Er ... It’s bigger on the inside than on the outside. Yes, that’s it,” said the chief alien, nodding triumphantly. But, unlike the aliens, the yobs had not seen Doctor Who, and didn’t know what he was talking about. They all mounted their motorbikes and sped around and around the spaceship, whooping and jeering as they went.

“Run!” yelled the chief alien...


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