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Why was MTP established?
In the past, the founders of MTP experienced the frustration of having a great manuscript but meeting a brick wall when trying to find a traditional agent/publisher. Quite simply, MTP was founded to give worthy authors a platform to publish their works, earn 100% royalties, gain online sales for paperbacks and eBooks and then, based on that success, give them the option to find a traditional publisher. Please see our reviews here.

What is included in the MTP All-Inclusive Publishing Package?
Apart from creating your cover artwork, formatting your manuscript into print-ready paperback and eBook files, providing an electronic proofs and then publishing the books themselves, we will also provide the following.

  • ISBN

  • An international press release shortly after your book becomes available to buy.

  • Promotion of your book and links to book sales (Amazon) via the MTP website. 

  • Promotion of your book via MTP’s social media accounts –

    • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest

  • One-year “How To” advice and guidance on the promotion of your book:

    paperback giveaways 
   pay-per-click advertising
   price adjustments
   price count-downs
   free eBook promotions
   email campaigns
   social media campaigns 
   book signing/launch events


How much will it cost to publish my book with the MTP All-Inclusive Publishing Package?
We select our authors only because we believe in their books. Once published, our authors earn 100% of the royalties from their book sales (and MTP earn no royalties) therefore we do charge. For our Publishing Program, paperback and ebook publication, our fees are from £499 (approx. $649 USD). Where appropriate, VAT/sales tax will be added to each invoice.

Will my book be available to buy from bookstores?

We can make your book available to bookstores worldwide through industry distribution channels.  

What type of publisher is MTP?

We would usually be called a hybrid publisher since we will not always place your book in a bookstore. First, we recommend to publish both a paperback and an eBook version of your book so you can quickly benefit from online sales. Online sales now account for around 70% of all books sold.

Why is MTP better than the traditional agent/publisher route?
There are several reasons. These include:

  • earning 100% of all royalties from your book and eBook sales

  • rapid publication – our aim is to publish within 3 weeks

  • being paid quickly (between 60 and 90 days after royalties are earned)

  • our authors stay in full control of their work and its copyright

How does MTP select its authors?

We ask for submission of a synopsis and the first three chapters of your finished work. If we like what you have, we will ask for the whole manuscript and for your biography. Submissions can be uploaded here We can also accept submissions by email to Please, do not send paper!

Does MTP publish hardbacks?

Yes. Please ask for details.

When do I pay for my Publishing Program?
MTP accepts payment in two stages. 50% on signing the MTP publishing contract and 50% when we deliver the electronic proofs to you.

Does MTP accept submissions from foreign authors? 

Yes, we do! We have published authors, for example, from USA, Canada, Australia, Israel, Sweden, Finland, ...

How long will it take MTP to publish my book?
Once we agree to publish your book, assuming your manuscript is ready, it will typically take us around 3 weeks and both your paperback and eBook will be on sale. This can be delayed, for example, if your book needs editing or there are some extended creative discussions necessary, for example regarding the cover design. 
How long after publication before I start earning royalties?
You start earning royalties the day your books are published.
When are royalties paid out?
Royalties are paid directly into your bank account monthly, approximately 60 days following the end of the calendar month in which each sale occurs.
Will MTP create a cover for my book?
Yes. We will work with you to advise and agree on a final design for the cover and produce the final cover artwork ready for publication. You can use your own images for the cover (assuming that they meet our technical requirements) alternatively MTP will provide a maximum 3 fully-licenced images included within the Publishing Program. These images are available from MTP approved sources.
How do I earn royalties?
Each time you sell a book or an eBook you will earn a royalty. Additionally, you may also earn a special type of royalty when a reader reads each page of a downloaded eBook.

Can I see real-time sales reports?
Yes. You will have online access to book sales reports. You can see, almost on a minute by minute basis, exactly how many books you have sold and in which markets they have been sold.
Can I see real-time royalty reports?
Yes. You will have online access to royalty reports. You can see, almost on a minute by minute basis exactly what royalties have been earned from your book sales.
How will I receive my royalty payments?
Royalties are paid directly into your nominated bank account. They are paid in your local currency, regardless of where in the world the sales were actually made.

Are there any additional costs involved?
There can be. For example, once a book has been published, we do charge if you wish to revise the book or the book cover. All costs are reasonable and clearly defined in our contract.


Are there any other extra or optional costs?
We may from time to time advise you on paid marketing campaigns. These are entirely optional and at your discretion. Also, we are able to create artwork for example for posters, pamphlets etc. for publicity purposes.
Will tax be deducted from my royalty payments before I receive them?
Not usually. For example, it is usually possible to arrange for payments to be made in full, with no tax being deducted. We can advise on individual cases when we talk to you. 
How quickly will MTP respond to my submission?
Quickly. We will acknowledge your submission almost immediately. Expect to hear back from us with our initial thoughts within a few days.
What genres is MTP looking for?
Almost anything really!
How long is the MTP contract?
Our standard contract starts when you sign up and stops after 12 months. During that time you are free to benefit from our “How To” advice as detailed herein. But we hope you’ll like what we do and come back to us with your next book!

What happens after year-one?

We will offer to continue our marketing support and "How To" advice for your book. Our fees for this will be discussed with you at the time and will be dependent on your needs at that time.

What happens if things go wrong?
If, through our own fault, we do not publish your book within 90 days of you presenting us with a complete and acceptable manuscript we shall refund all fees in full.
Will MTP edit my manuscript?
As soon as we see your manuscript, we will advise you if we feel that your manuscript needs further editing. We do not provide this service ourselves but we can either recommend some (free) tools you can use yourself or point you towards trustworthy third-party editing services to use.  

Do I get to approve my book before publication?
Yes, of course. We always deliver electronic proofs to our authors, just before publication.

What does MTP expect from the author?
A great book! An edited manuscript that is (almost) ready to go. And we want you to allow us to share in your excitement that finally, you will be published.
Do I need to send a copy of my book to the British Library?
The simple answer is yes. You are legally required to send 1 copy of your (UK) paperback, at your cost, to the British Library under the Legal Deposit scheme. More here

Is there any content that MTP will not publish?
We will not publish books that contain illegal content or that we believe are plagiarised.

Does Amazon Sell Books in Canada?
Yes. Kindle eBook editions are available in Canada the same in all USA (.com) and all other Amazon marketplaces. For paperbacks, the difference is that Amazon does not print books in Canada (their sales volumes for Canada is quite low so they print them instead in the USA) but they do deliver them to Canada.

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